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How are you doing my friends?
Or you are trader from Piptree? If yes, I would like to CONGRATS you at the first place!

If not? Doesn’t matter. I just want to share this REAL FACTS about…

Why Join Piptree? And Why you must seriously consider.

If you have been to our 2-hr trading seminar, Justin, the Piptree Founder and also a full time trader, who trade for living for more than 10 years….

never like to brag about his trading success, he want to help as much as people like you ..
to success in trading and become full time trader!

In January 11th 2016, Justin posted in Piptree Facebook:

“USDCAD (foreign exchange instrument) has come to a trading level which I am looking for signs of the Canadian Loonie strength versus the US Dollar…”

He already given the hints prepare to SHORT/SELL USDCAD, and this is in fact one of the …

In January 25th, 2016, Justin posted in Facebook again… “I’ve been talking about this trade since Jan 11th.

Finally the setup came on 21st Jan. Managed to capture a 350 pips move shorting the USDCAD…
*Actually we caught more than 350pips ++

Jan 11th… Jan 25th…. So how about Feb?
Do we still holding the USDCAD shorts?

Let’s see what happen on Feb 25th…

“USDCAD just made new year low! This level is a very critical area.
Slowly building my shorts for this years long term trade” By Justin

If you see all those dotted lines with “sell”… that’s all SHORTS open orders and still holding…
You can imagine … those are real $!

From Jan 11th .. all the way… until yesterday (Mar 2nd… Justin updates his trade on Facebook again.

“Been adding sells to USDCAD based on smaller time frame. No more adding for now as price trading at 4-hour support at 1.3252. If price closed below the level strongly. I’ll continue. Another 600 plus pips to go.  Already collect 3/4 of the yearly move”….

So.. Jan 25th 350+ pips, March 2nd 600++ pips.. so total around 950 pips+ for this pair only.
To be honest, those trades are still OPEN!

Now you see the power of riding the trend right?
But with proper guidance, apply the correct WAWS line and…
wait for SHOWCARD to appear, you can caught it as well…

We just need a lot of patient … that’s trader number 1 DISCIPLINE.

So, where is USDCAD heading for now?
You can keep following our Facebook posting and see what’s next!

We have to prepare for tomorrow weekly support class (Mar 4th 2 – 4 pm).

So, if you are serious about trading.. not only making profit but…
looking for trading for living.. then you should join PIPTREE!

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