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The last 2 days have seen some trading frenzy. Trades were mainly concentrated on the Yen pairs as the S&P 500 saw more weakness.

At the end of the 2 days, the score stood at 3 wins and 1 loss. Yes that’s right, a loss. This loss broke my wining streak which lasted for a while. However, after the initial loss, I recovered it and made profit in the next 3 winning trades. Here the score.

Buy USDJPY trade on 28th September – lost 49 pips



Sell Wheat Trade on 29th September – won 21 pips


Buy USDJPY trade on 29th September – won 16 pips


Buy GBPJPY trade on 29th September – won 51 pips


Total pips collected in the past 2 days = 21+16+51-49 = +39 pips.

Not much but thankful to whatever the market is giving to me. All trades were alerted via whatsapp and could be audited. Looking forward to a fruitful month ahead.