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The day after I returned from my holiday, I saw this article on the business section of the local paper. It put a smile on my face knowing that I manage to catch the cat before it was out from the bag.

When I saw the sub heading saying “FGV is top of the list of favoured stocks that would benefit from the run up to the general election” and why the writer believe its so made me smile as its conclusion is similar to mine. Before I left for my holidays, I posted a buy FGV in my trade signal on 22nd November 2016. We had 3 entries for FGV at 1.70,  1.55 and 1.50. Some students did not enter at 1.70 and entered below 1.50. At writing the price is trading at 1.75. Whatever happens my trade is protected now.

No worries if you had missed the entry as there is 4 more stocks to monitor and I’m giving the important support levels. I would be looking for buy signals when prices trade at the #WAWS prices below

DESTINI (7212) – price of interest 0.64 – 0.68. Buy momentum is invalid if price closes below 0.60.

UTUSAN MELAYU (5754) – price of interest 0.39 – 0.41. Buy momentum is invalid if price closes below 0.36.

MEDIA (4502) – prices are not establish yet.

KUB MALAYSIA (6874) – 0.36 – 0.38. Buy momentum is invalid if price closes below 0.30.

You would need to exit the trades just before the elections as you know, this is an election play.

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