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Mr. Ooi Khee Beng

Former software manager
PIPtree Mentorship had really changed my life. Success in trading gave me a lot of freedom to spend time with my family. That is very precious to me and irreplaceable. Full Time Trader since 2013 April


Mr. Jeremy Looi

Former engineer
My trading skill had a SUPERB breakthru since I joined PIPtree last year. My latest trades based on WAWS allows me to achieve +6131 pips on a single trade and account grew +450% in a short 3 months. I am on track to become a full time trader in 2016". Full Time Trader since 2016 July

Mr. Edmund Khoo

Former business owner
"I have attended many trading seminars and nothing compares to PIPtree. PIPtree really has the capability to turn ordinary people to extraordinary traders. After one year of training, I would be earning a full time income from trading come 1st Jan 2016." Full Time Trader since 2016 January


Mr. NG Khye

Former restaurant manager
"If you are serious about trading, PIPtree provides great Mentoring Program, guiding me through my learning. Short course does not work, been there done that. Thanks a lot Justin Khoo for your patience and effort over the year mentoring me technically and psychologically. I am a profitable full time trader!". Full Time Trader since 2016 January





Former XXX
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Facebook Review

It is unusual to find a company that is so dedicated to other people's success. The commitment to patiently persevere, train and encourage their students sets the Piptree trainers apart from others. Their knowledge and trading skills are impressive - not only in what they say, but also in what they do. The impartation of sound trading knowledge is done without reservation and the results speak for themselves. To me, a complete novis, Piptree is a professional outfit that stands like a safe harbour in a sea of confusing charts and processes. My appreciation to Justin and his team is huge and I look forward to realizing the financial success that is not a matter of "if" but "when".

Awesome event where key ideas and methods were kept simple but significant. Dedicated trainers who believes in transforming us into extraordinary traders! This is ONE program everyone who wants to learn how to trade SHOULD attend.

They are using simplest and easiest way to teach us. Besides that, we are getting quick support whenever we have question

Excellent group of traders! The only trading class that I WANT to refer my close friends. They so wanted you to succeed in trading. Many, many thanks!

So far i have gone through half of the program, the lessons are very constructive and easy to understand, Trainers are very attentive and provide good support, PIPtree makes trading possible even for people with no trading backround. Thank you PIPtree for enhancing my trading experience. Keep up the good work !

method easy to learn, simple and clear cut for understanding. For those who want to be a full-time trader can consider Piptree..

After attended a few trading seminars, finally I join Piptree. Why? haha.... because of WAWS, Showcard so powelful. Awesome

In Piptree, we learn and we use it in actual live trading. We share the joy together. Thanks you Kah Boon who introduce me to Piptree. Enjoy trading everyday.

Piptree makes trading easy and simple especially for the beginners. Hats off to the team of dedicated trainers. Keep up the good work!

Single most important methodology that presents a logical analysis of the market without the marketing hype and coming from trainers that only want to see their students succeed. Bravo!

After studied trading under so many Gurus, Piptree is the best. The follow up is very good. A group of sincere trainer. Thump up to all of you.

Excellent! Great session for sharing and get to know all the piptree traders. Big thanks to Justin and all the trainers who have spent their valuable time and hard work for this event. Looking forward for the next Pip-A-Gift!

Video Testimonials

Videos testimonials from PIPtree graduates

Mr. PL Wong (Engineer)
PIPtree(PG) Graduates: Batch Jun 2014

Mr. Keave Lim (Company Dealer/Trader)
PIPtree(PG) Graduates: Batch July 2015

Mr. KK Yap (Engineer)
PIPtree(KL) Graduates: Batch Oct 2016

Mr. Alex (Banker)
PIPtree(PG) Graduates: Batch Oct 2015