SPX testing 2125 again

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After the test and rejection of 2125 last Friday, the SPX looks set to test the 2125 again. Monday’s closing saw prices closing at 2125. 30 minutes to market open see pre market prices trading at 2139. Will this last? VIX is recording 15.50 down from a high of 17.96, 3 trading days ago indicating market is still quite stable for now with no surprising big moves. Since mid September we have TICK closing around +-300 indicating the market is range bound. Mondays TICK closing at -31 from a high of 887 and low of -1097 showed that the market is neutral and waiting for a catalyst to move it. It is perfectly normal to see such movements as the market is waiting for big news. Namely the November 7 elections and also the December Interest rate announcement. Non Directional Trading is the way to deal with the current market.