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Many traders fail to achieve trading success simply because they are not equipped with real world trading knowledge. They do not know who the real market players are in the trading world are and trading against the market maker is a big no no...



It is simply… 90% of traders lose 90% of their money Within 90 days…



  • Strategies that use to work perfectly before and now does not.
  • Trades not moving as per fundamental news.
  • Price reversing just as it was about to hit your target profit.
  • Price hitting your stop loss and then goes your direction.
  • Confused by the multitude of indicators.
  • Bogged down by complicated trading strategies till you just cannot trade.



Let me share with you a secret. Successful traders are no smarter than you nor more educated than you. They just know how the FINANCIAL MARKET operates. They just play along with the big boys. I spend many years developing the WAWS trading methodology which detects the presence of markets makers. The WAWS logically identifies high potential trading levels. Once we detect presence of strong buyers and sellers at those levels, we simply follow the direction of bias. You would be amazed at how simple yet powerful this methodology is able to turn ordinary people into extraordinary traders. Our students have now attained a level where they are in a position to have an option to “never have to work again to maintain their current standard of living standards”.

Come and see for yourself and test our trainers. Let them show you how prices stop at predetermined areas of trading.

Justin Khoo

Founder and Chief Trainer of PIPtree

My trading style melds together the market philosophy of Nicholas Darvas box theory and the study of buyers and sellers. I have taken what I learned and added my own style from my very own research during my years working as a market analyst. From my working experience, I came into 2 conclusions. Firstly, I believe the market is manipulated and secondly trading levels which prices react to are, predetermined in advance. No matter the size of the market, manipulation does happen.

I have dedicated over 10 years to study price action and paying special attention to price action at levels which I believe are manipulated level, thus creating high percentage winning trades. I am happy to say that PIPtree methodology trades can be proven scientifically. Each and every part of the trading methodology can be openly tested and audited. Once a student master the candle by candle analysis, they no longer need to guess where their trades is heading anymore as trading would be scientific from then onwards.

All my earlier trades reports and record could be found in Now my LIVE trade calls are given to students only via a student’s only portal. What better way than to “Walk and Walk and Talk the Talk then to have students trade with me and my trainers. This would accelerate the learning process and also give them the confidence that what they learn is the genuine article.

Trading is simple and logical if you know your levels. PIPtree school is designed to put your financial destiny into your own hands. Many have learned it and on their way or achieved their financial dreams. The question for you now is “do you want to put your financial destiny in your hands now?”.

Speaking from REAL WORLD Trading Experience

Having had real working experience working with professional traders and investors alike, PIPtree training module encompass an understanding into trading:

  • Stocks
  • ETF's
  • Options
  • Currencies
  • Metal - Commodity
  • Energy - Commodity
  • Agriculture – Commodity

Yes we train our students to trade in all the above market. To understand why, have a look at the diagram below.

Why study multiple markets

Firstly one has to understand that, the total money available in the trading world is a zero sum game. It is transfer of hot money from once sector into the other. Volatility is vital for one trader to make consistent money. However if money is being moved out from that sector, you would not have any tradable opportunities as the sector is dry hence no volatility. Force trades that happen would then contribute to losses in one’s trading account.

Secondly, via the study of financial market relationship, one is able to confirm a certain move in the financial as real or just temporary. When hot money moves from one sector and it is a major move, money has to move to another sector. It is from the movement of corresponding sector one is able to identify a move is genuine or not.

Here are some of the topics you will learn during the 2-month PIPtree Mentoring Program

  • Understanding how stocks, indices, currency, metals, energy, agriculture, options, bonds are interrelated and how to trade them.
  • Using PIPtree WAWS Trading Method to identify logical trading levels of the market.
  • Hands on practice how to draw WAWS trading levels based on price action.
  • Understand the logical price of the market.
  • How to identify overbought and oversold conditions.
  • Identifying REAL buyers and sellers in the market
  • Creating a simple to understand economic report card.
  • And much more…


  • Our program is designed NOT ONLY to train you "how to trade" but to mould one to have the physical and emotional capacity to be a consistent profitable trader year after year.
  • PIPtree is a trading school and not a seminar styled education where all is cramped in within a few days and no support or meetings thereafter. The school’s education system is catered for both experience and non experience traders over a period of time.
  • We actually produce full time traders from PIPtree and these traders would be sharing their trading experience with you.
  • The support and follow up is second to none. Graduates are amazed by the support which we provide to all students past and present.
  • We provide a system to track the progress of our students from the day they start learning till they start their own.

How PIPtree Program is designed?



Our full time traders are full time for a reason...

  • Every second of free time aside from work and family time is used to build the trading business. There is just no short cut to success.
  • You simply just need to practice and practice the Scientific Proven Strategies till it is part of your trading mantra. We do not recommend you change our trading methodology or add new insight or indicators to make money. Just simply follow exactly our methodologies.
  • Good schools are places where its leaders walk the walk and talk the talk. We will show you how its done, give signals to you for 6 months to show you what you learn is what we use exactly to trade the market.
  • Success comes from commitment and consistency.
  • Trading is a skill. Its not gambling. Gambling is when you are not sure of your trade in the long run even after you have mastered the skills that were taught. Trading based on intuition is gambling. To us trading is a science and success can be proven.
  • We are committed as you are committed to see your trading success. Our commitment is our top notch support team answering your trading question before and also after graduation.

PIPtree Mentoring Program

Piptree Mentorship Program Syllabus

First 2 days Classes

  • Understanding various financial market
  • Studying basic price habits for trend identification.
  • Trading with “Without A Walking Stick” (WAWS) – Proprietary method which identifies market manipulated levels.
  • What is the Logical price or true price of the market.
  • Identifying market participants.
  • PIPtree trade plan and money management.
  • Basics on financial news.
  • How to develop a feel of the market.
  • How to operate the trading platform.

Week 1 to 9 Weekly Classes

  • WAWS drawing review and strengthening.
  • Signals to exit the market earlier.
  • How to identify long term trades.
  • Trading based on price going back to logic price.
  • Identify oversold and overbought conditions.
  • The profitable way to use Fibonacci in the trading.
  • The process to develop, verify and validate your trade strategies.
  • Students' live practical and homework.
  • Written examination for skill check.

After Week 9

  • Emotional Monitoring
  • Business Account Monitoring
  • Review class on week 10 after 1 month of live trading
  • Review class on week 11 after 2 months of live trading
  • Review class on week 13 after 4 months of live trading
  • Review class on week 15 after 6 months of live trading

PIPtree Course Intake

1st 2 full days from 10 am - 4 pm
Date: 26th May 2018 (Saturday) and 27th May 2018 (Sunday)

Following by 9x Saturday classes from 2 pm - 4 pm
1) 2018.Jun.02
2) 2018.Jun.09.
3) 2018.Jun.16 
4) 2018.Jun.23
5) 2018.Jun.29
6) 2018.Jul.07
7) 2018.Jul.14
8) 2018.Jul.21
9) 2018.Jul.28

After graduated: 4 trading review classes in 6 months (2pm - 4pm on Saturday, Date: TBA)

Kuala Lumpur
1st 2 full days from 10 am - 4 pm
Date: 19th May 2018 (Saturday) and 2oth May 2018 (Sunday)

Following by 9x Saturday classes from 2 pm - 4 pm
1) 2018.May.26
2) 2018.Jun.06
3) 2018.Jun.09
4) 2018.Jun.16
5) 2018.Jun.23
6) 2018.Jun.30
7) 2018.Jul.07
8) 2018.Jul.14
9) 2018.Jul.21

After graduated: 4 trading review classes in 6 months (2pm - 4pm on Saturday, Date: TBA)
For enquiry, please contact: 604 - 893 0657, or click here to contact us by email


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