Profited from a USD2.71 move in gold

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The whole financial world would be waiting for tonight’s FOMC move. Finally after months of waiting. The day of reckoning is here. Putting on long term trades is not my cup of tea at the moment as markets would be too volatile unless I get a super nice price to initiate a trade. Thought the majority of economist surveyed a no hike. You will never know if the FED would spring a surprise. I was looking for short term action and found 2. Sell EURGBP and Buy Gold. I missed the EURGBP trade.

Trade call to buy Gold was issued to my whatsapp group.


The mandate was simple. buy gold at 1108.03 and 1106.45. Stop loss at 1103.20 and target 1110.74. Target was achieved 2 and half hours later. A good way to prepare for FOMC…