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I am Justin Khoo.

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My first 5 years of trading is defined like a roller coaster, both in terms of account balance as well as emotions. I blew my account 3 times. Yes you read that right, 3 times. The failures made me realize that I need help in realizing my trading dream. I needed knowledge from the real world of trading. My next step led me to seek employment with a fund house as a market analyst. It was from here my eyes were open to the real world of trading.  

The knowledge gained from talking with professional traders and bankers soon led me to develop insight of my own. What I develop was a method which detects the areas in which a market tends to trade most and also detecting the number of buyers and sellers in the market to decide the eventual direction. After a few years working with the funds, I decided to quit and manage my own funds within the comforts of my home and most importantly spend some good time with my love ones.  

Friends who knew what I was doing then asked me to guide them in trading. After much thinking, I agreed and never looked back since. After 2 short years, I develop not one but 9 full time traders. Now they too like me have the opportunity to have time to do what they wanted to do all this while be it in relationship, material or buy time. Are you the next one?

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Why we are DIFFERENCE?

  • Our program is designed NOT ONLY to train you "how to trade" but to mould one to have the physical and emotional capacity to be a consistent profitable trader year after year. 
  • PIPtree is a trading school and not a seminar styled education where all is cramped in within a few days and no support or meetings thereafter. The school’s education system is catered for both experience and non experience traders over a period of time. 
  • We actually produce full time traders from PIPtree and these traders would be sharing their trading experience with you. 
  • The support and follow up is second to none. Graduates are amazed by the support which we provide to all students past and present. 
  • We provide a system to track the progress of our students from the day they start learning till they start their own.

10 REASONS Why would you attend this seminar:  

  • You get to test our trainer’s skill during this seminar Name any stock, any commodity, any currency or ETF in the world and our trainers would show you where the price is going to stop! 
  • What you get from us is real world stuff that works! “Works” here means making money consistently month after month. 
  • We will ensure that you will achieve your trading target with our top class online and offline support system. 
  • You would be able to learn how to trade in a scientific manner which does not involve any guessing. The moment you trade, you mind is crystal clear as to why you take the trade. 
  • You do not need to modify our trading system to make profit. 
  • Come and see why our trading system can stand the test of time
  • Learn why 95% people lose money when they trade and why PIPtree students belong to the 5% year after year. 
  • Meet real live full time traders and ask their real life experience. 
  • Very high possibility that PIPtree is the only trading school you will join. 
  • You have the opportunity to be a full time trader within 3 years or less.

Listen to what PIPtree Full Time Traders Say:"...

"If you are serious about trading, PIPtree trading school provides great Mentoring Program, guiding me through my learning. Short course doesn not work, been there done that. Thanks a lot Justin Khoo for your patience and effort over the year mentoring me technically and psychologically. I am a profitable full time trader!."

Khye Ping Full Time Trader since 2016 Jan  

"I have attended many trading seminars and nothing compare to PIPtree. PIPtree really has the capability to turn ordinary people to extraordinary traders. After one year of training, I am ready to turn full time."

Edmund Khoo Full Time Trader since 2016 Jan  

"PIPtree Mentorship had really changed my life. Success in trading gave me a lot of freedom to spend time with my family. That is very precious to me and irreplaceable."  

Khee Beng Full Time Trader since 2013 Apr  

"My trading skill had a SUPERB breakthough since I joined PIPtree in 2016. My latest trades based on WAWS allows me to achieve +6131 pips on a single trade and account grew +450% in a short 3 months."

Jeremy Looi Full Time Trader since 2016 July  

"Most importantly, PIPtree method is very simple and straightforward!"  

Pow Long Full Time Trader  

"I just RESIGN last month and trading full time at home"  

Are you the NEXT Full Time Trader?

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