Not a good start…for Trump

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On inauguration day, we expected the number of attendees to be lower than Obama’s inauguration due to Trump’s relationship with the masses. The media actually helped play up the issues. Barely the end of the first day, we already had pictures of of the numbers attending the inauguration on TV and also on social media.

Press secretary Sean Spicer told journalists summoned to an impromptu press conference in the White House on Saturday that the media had distorted figures on how many people attended the inauguration ceremony. Spicer indicated to the press that 72,000 people attended the ceremony but that nobody had official figures. Whatever the figures are, distorted or not, its definitely less than Obama’s. Now this is not the point which I would like to discuss.

The main point here, is that we are going to see more of this happening as there is just friction after friction between the White House and others especially the media. Friction is never good and its creates severe distrust and when its going to get worse if the population in general starts to get involve in it. Brian Klaas , fellow in comparative politics at the London School of Economics said it the best – “such an approach by the new presidency brought into question the credibility associated with the institution and puts American lives at risk because during a crisis you don’t know you can trust the White House and that’s really dangerous for the West.”

“When you have a president who has not released tax returns, we don’t know what where his financial interest lays and he is the key dealmaker, that’s a real troubling thing for US diplomacy on the global stage because you can’t tell whether or not he is working for American interests or his own interest,” Klaas added.

My personal view to view to this is that you choose him, let him do his work for the next 4 years. Change him if you are not satisfied. The continual media bashing would undermine the US image and that is the last thing you need if you want investors to continue to trust your money and your economy.

Trump is already know as Commander of Twitter, I am adding Commander in Volatility….. Traders heads up, this is going to be a big year.