In search for the next Wonder Women!

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I still remember when I was young, all super heroes I knew were males and the very first female super hero I know is Wonder Women. For many years she was only one which was popular and stood the test of time. The icon of women power and the women who stood as tall in the male dominated super hero category.


In the early days, trading was not something which you see women do. Finance is a male-dominated profession, especially at the top. Till today women traders are still in the minority but guess what, research have shown that women make far better traders then men.


According to business insider, here are the 5 possible reasons why women generally do better:

Women read the manual, stick to a strategy and question things that they are uncertain of;

Men hate to be wrong and take longer to admit that they have made an error;

Women are better in a crisis and less emotional because, contrary to popular belief, female traders are more disciplined and less likely to panic;

Women can more easily say no and sometimes the best trades are the ones you do not make;

– finally, women are measured as opposed to jumping in head first – which men are apparently prone to doing.


So, men do you agree with the findings? If you still think it’s not real, go read Confession of a Street Addict which is the biography of Jim Cramer. For such a prominent fund manager cum financial news presenter, he humbly admits his wife is the better trader and Wall Street knows her as the trading goddess. Her trades were responsible for paying the Cramer & Co operation cost in the early cost.


Nowadays it is even easier to trade as online trading is easily available for everyone especially women who are home makers. All a housewife need is knowing how to split her time between home and trade and also an alarm to remind her on trades triggered.


So would the next Wonder Women Trader, please stand up!