EURUSD 29.11.2012 trade result

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I had a break from trading yesterday as there was a power failure and I decided to have a day off. Today I had a meeting with a friends who would be leaving to Singapore to work. We had a get together trading session. While I was updating the boxes in the EURUSD, I chanced upon the opportunity to buy the EURUSD. The 1.2942 – 1.2974 gap was activated and I bought the EURUSD at 1.2946 and 1.2945. With a 3 pips spread I had orders at 1.2949 and 1.2948. Orders are shown below:

My target is the 1.2974 and minus 3 pips spread I had 1.2971 and I just rounded it to 1.2970. My second order was done because the price had a momentary drop which gave me an even better price but as I put in my order the price recovered and thus both orders only 1 pip apart. The perils of trading via my mobile using 3g. I put in an stop loss at 1.2878 just in case my phone ran out of battery and the market goes nuts. My mental stop loss would have been triggered much earlier and I guessed I would have time to go home to monitor the trade.

Anyway the good part was target profit was hit within the hour and it was a good farewell trading session for my good friend.