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Every weekend at Piptree Trading School, we have our 2 months intensive trading support class for trader. As part of the course, students are required to submit trading homework at the end of 2 months before the exams. What this which means is …students have to perform trading backtest to proof our trading method is making money via a scientific way…

These results are not from our first batch of Piptree students

AND… it’s proven again and again…

our methodology is WORKING! and make pips!

Have a look at the results below. They are from ordinary traders churning extraordinary results.

Some of the students have even start trading LIVE and making profit real profit before the end of the 2 months intensive training period!

This is not something which we encourage …However…

if they know what they are doing, then it’s fine.

It works because we keep our stuff as simple as possible…

The method we are using has been scientifically tested and proven to work and all Piptree traders for follow it 100% without any modification have recorded profits.

Last week I had a chat with an old friend, whom is a trader but not a full time trader. I ask him this question after he told he would be attending another trading course :

Bro! Why are you attending another new trading course again? Last year you just payed RMXXXX trading course right. Isn’t it working?

His reply was…

Man! I have spent RMXX,XXX on that course but the trading system is not duplicating the success shown by the trainer. I’ve tried and burned a lot of money… still no success BUT… I am still very interested in trading… I am looking for the right mentor to learn trading from.

I could relate well to his situation as I have went through the same dilemma myself. Before I met Justin, my trading career is like “roller coaster”… I hope you get what I mean. After that, my skills became better, results improved, trading emotions are more stable and things start to SHIFT! I transformed myself from a person who had no hope to full of hope. Currently I am part of the school and I would like to share this success which I enjoyed to people who is looking for a REAL trading school.

Do you want to build a career in trading?

If yes, please come to our preview on next Thursday or you can direct email us at: to ask for more details about the course.