AUDUSD and USDX nearing target profit.

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My AUDUSD trade is nearing my target. Currently I am 624 pips in the money. My target is 710 – 734 pips. From the diagram above, I captured the screen on my trading terminal which shows where my entry is and also my target profit. To understand why I took this short and keep it for so long, please refer to the posting here. This methodology is my favourite methodology as it does not require much monitor. A single trade and we net hundred and hundred of pips. My humble target is about 1500 – 2000 pips per pair and I trade around 10 pairs.


The USDX is also one of my long term trades. On September 11th, I mentioned that the Dollar Index (USDX) might slow down. However there was no indication that price was finally coming down. However I have always maintain a long term buy for USDX and my current targets are 87.41, 89.11, 90.51 and 91.85. You need not exit once price hit the given targets. Only exit when price show bearish patterns like bearish engulfing at those said levels. I have called for a buy since 09.05.2014. You can refer to the mandate here.