A potential big move in Bitcoin – A story of conspiracy

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I have a thought which might shock the Cryptocurrency community. There are 2 news which is bothering me and its causing my mind to go into overdrive. First we have Goldman Sachs coming out and saying Bitcoin is money and Jaime Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase regretting on the remarks he made on Bitcoin. For the much of 2017 both these financial heavy weights condemned saying Bitcoin is a Bubble and it is for criminals. So why the sudden change in tune?

Do not get me wrong. I am happy they acknowledge Bitcoin is legit. Now here is the thing, by them confirming Bitcoin is legit, means they want in. In the world of investment, the crumbs are left for the masses after the big boys have taken their share. In Bitcoin, for the first time in history, it is the other way round. So would the big boys buy in at current price at USD13713 and be the laughing stock?

Since the launching of CBOE and CME Futures, we had Bitcoin trading at a high of USD20,000. Since then it has been all the way downhill. This plays perfectly into the futures pattern. To control the price of the futures, you need to have certain holdings. Since Bitcoin is owned by the masses, those interested to operate futures has to borrow Bitcoin or work closely with from those who are known to own a lot of Bitcoin. One example is the collaboration of CBOE with the Winklevoss twins. The twins declared that they own about 1% of Bitcoin which was rumoured around 108,000 during their announcement.

The following is just a scenario which does not necessary be true but around these lines.

CBOE borrows from Winklevoss and promises, no matter happens to the price of Bitcoins, we guarantee that we will pay you USD25,000 per coin by a certain date say end of 2018. The twins agree and passes all 108,000 coins to CBOE. During the passing Bitcoin was priced at around USD12500. So with the launching of Bitcoins futures, Bitcoin is one step further to be legit in the financial industry.  Bitcoin then rallies and with another futures CME lauching, investors are euphoric and pushes Bitcoin further up till USD20,000.

So now CBOE and CME has to figure out how to make profit from this. CBOE and CME would definitely like to own Bitcoins of their own and I am very sure they would not buy Bitcoin at USD20,000. They would be a laughing stock. Both futures then proceed to dump Bitcoin methodically so as not to create panic which may affect the legitimacy of Bitcoin. This dumping would then be gradual and pushes Bitcoin to a level in which big funds are known to be very interested and also a price which the masses would be panicked to sell their precious Bitcoin. The transfer of Bitcoin during this panic would then balance the book of powers and pass over Bitcoin’s control to the banks and big boys.

The question is what level the massive drop would drop to? According to my calculations, it is about USD5000 – USD6000 at worse or USD10,000 at best. So look out for these level if a massive drop shall happen.

Having said so much, will Bitcoin just go up instead of moving according to my script. Most definitely. If the masses defends it, it will just go up. You need tons of believe in Bitcoin to stomach the drop. My advice is to invest in what you can risk and not bet the farm. Read as much as you can about cryptocurrency and all the best.

At writing Bitcoin assassination is numbered 200 plus and counting. So know its pros and cons. I think 2018 is the only year left to see some phenomenal growth in cryptocurrency and it will slow down after that.