+6131 Pips on USDCAD trade

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Final decision, I decided to closed all my open trades on USDCAD which I’ve been holding for the last 2 months with a total profit of +6131 pips! I remember Justin Khoo, my trading sifu alerted us on Jan 11, the setup to short USDCAD has finally arrived, Justin himself already pocketed +350 pips. And he always remind us (piptree traders) DO NOT MISS this trade of the year 2016.

I always on alert to capture this pair from time to time. Waiting for the best setup, enter SELL and hold it, keep adding my sell positions until it reach our initial target, which is 1.2600. But Piptree teach me, do not be over-greedy, always put the profit in our pocket first, there is always tomorrow and market is always there.

I’ve learned and grow in Piptree as a mature traders. Not only making extra income, part time income but perhaps a SERIOUS income as a full time trader! The income you never ever imagined that you could BENEFIT when you enrolled for Piptree Trading Course. If you work hardworking enough, done all the homework provided by Justin, and keep doing what we telling you to do, there is NO WAY you can fail or cannot make profit.

This trade +6131pips is purely 100% technical trading based on the CORE of Piptree system. I don’t know much about fundamentals, you don’t see me in the last fundamental class right?

This is only the beginning of my full time trading career, the journey to become Successful trader still far from behind. Never stop learning, work harder, stay with Piptree, stay grounded and be humble.

Thank you Justin Khoo for the teaching.

If you still have doubt about Piptree and think Piptree you never heard before, because we just started and doing in small group only.